Concrete Company, Ltd was founded in 2007 inadequate Since December 2549 to support the production of ready-mixed concrete to construction projects taking place in Phuket at that time. Because we see that during the construction projects going on in Phuket and the Phuket as a tourist destination with Vacation home prices , housing , road agencies , local administration , etc. And then the question was expanded . continuous and rapid economic growth significantly. There are many projects , both public and private. Coinciding with the company to expand its customer base to more on 2556 , we decided to sign with the TPI Concrete Co., Ltd. produces and sells ready-mixed concrete quality as TPI Concrete Co. service area Phuket which . a subsidiary of TPI poly limited ( the Company ), a subsidiary of the country's largest cement producer , with a market share of two in the country. And a company with an established reputation of the client. This concrete factories throughout the country. Currently, we have a ready-mix concrete plants in two production units . 1 unit Thalang . To support the north of Phuket. Two . Units produced Prince To support the south of Phuket. And soon we will be adding additional units to cover Phuket , all of which are now in the process of acquiring land on. The response and customer service fully.