From the beginning, the Phuket Concrete 2007 Ltd. is a manufacturer and distributor of ready-mixed concrete quality on behalf of TTI concrete in areas Phuket we have to pay attention every step of production , from the selection of stone and sand . the best source of quality used in the production process and all of our computer systems all lime stone powder every grain of sand, every grain scale water droplets to pass through the material using the Load Cell . meter accuracy every 2 months or after 5,000 costumed production of ready mixed concrete in order to have the best quality before sending to our customers. Our concrete and car delivery drivers with GPS systems in all vehicles in order to ensure timely delivery of concrete that have appointments with clients , and we recognize that. "Our customers are top priority and we will strive to improve concrete quality and continuous service throughout the full capability to provide our customers with confidence and get the maximum satisfaction from us. "